Synchronizing Panels

Our Synchronizing panels are capable of synchronizing up to thirty-two (32) different power sources mainly designed and used to meet power system requirements. The panel seamlessly transfer mains supply to the other successfully and vice versa without interruption in power supply. Our synchronizing panel operates on an automatic or manual mains failure system or any other settings.

In our multiplex synchronization solutions, when the main supply is interrupted on one or all phases the generator sets will start-up together. After an initial warm-up period. The generators will synchronize with each other and with the mains power supply.  

The load share units continuously monitor the load and during low demand periods one or two generators will be shut down to save on fuel consumption. As demand rises again the second generator and third generator will be restarted, synchronized and reconnected to the load. When the AMF control unit detects that the main supply has been restored an adjustable observation period is activated before the main supply is reconnected. A cool down period will then follow, after which the generator sets will be shut down.

Busbar Chamber

Busbar chambers consist of insulated copper or aluminium busbars enclosed in a trunking. ESL offers highly efficient HT/LT Bus Duct and rising mains. Our offering includes both indoor and outdoor construction with IP42/55 degree of protection. Our busbars are aluminium and copper based and manufactured as per the International Standards.

Technicians working on a panel
Technicians working on a panel

ESL designs bus chambers in a way that it allows you to have multiple outputs from it without any power loss. Our manufactured Bus Bar Chambers needs very little maintenance. Modern busbar trunking is modular in design and is supplied in pre-fabricated lengths and available in a range of conductor configurations. The busbar trunking system product range typically includes elbows, T-connectors, feeder units, panel flanges and various other standard or custom components that make it simple to configure for almost any application. Busbar trunking can effectively conduct substantial currents of electricity, making it a far more effective alternative than standard wiring. 

PLC Panel

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) panels are the most effective choice widely used for electronic and electrical circuit fittings. As the leading PLC panel manufacturers and suppliers in Ghana, our panels have the capability to give excellent output at low power consumption.

Our control panel consist of controllers such as PLCs, DCSs, relays or some other type. This gives digital signal or input signal to the MCC panel to start the motor. Control panel works based on the PLC /DCS program or the relay logic.

Feeder Pillar Panel

The Electrical Switchgear Limited is a leader in the manufacture, supplier and exporters of feeder pillar within the West African Subregion. Our feeder Pillar range is characterized with weather resistant construction for safety and durability and are extensively installed for industrial, real estates, and lighting applications. We design, engineer, and manufactured Single wall and Double wall constructions on request and are supply 4, 6- and 8-way distribution. These include instrument panel with voltmeters, ammeters, service fuses and selector switches. The built, structure and designs are suitable to all kinds of applications.