Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are electrical switchgears necessary in any standby electrical power system. It is hugely relied upon in the absence of power from one source (utility, generator, etc.) as such, reliability and confidence in operation is paramount. This is why ESL offers a wide range of solutions to address this need, in order to facilitate a 'trouble free' transfer of essential loads and electrical distribution systems from one power source to another.
These solutions are suitable for mains/mains or mains/generator applications and range from industrial ATS cubicles to units incorporated into distribution switchgear.


Technology demands that existing infrastructure changes could be carried out either by completely replacing the existing switchgear which may be expensive or budget restrictive. One could as well choose to retrofit the existing equipment to increase capacity, improve reliability and extend working life.

The ESL team have extensive experience in this area ranging from the fitting of additional devices, replacing ageing ACBs / MCCBs, custom switchboard extension sections, additional metering and PFC.

Motor Control Center (MCC)

Our Motor Control Centers are rigidly designed and built for a wide range of industrial applications. Our MCCs are designed up to 6000 A operational current at 70-degree Celsius ambient Temperature in single and double front design for 50 kA short Circuit Withstand Capacity and more.

The designs include manual or automatic starting and stopping of motors, forward or reverse rotation, interlock for different sources and protecting against overloads and short circuit faults.

Fully Draw out MCCs

ESL offers fully draw out MCCs to reduce maintenance downtime for application of power plants, process industry, petrochemical, cement, oil refineries, chemical plants, steel plants, power stations, material handling plants etc. These modules are fully interchangeable for all identical units having positive guidance, smooth movement and perfect alignment of contacts.

The fully draw out MCCs comes complete with;

  • Fully draw out with service, test and maintenance position.
  • Telescopic Rails and Racking Screw.
  • Silver plated power, control & earthing contacts.
  • Module size ranges from 150mm to 900mm in step of 50mm
  • Facility of module padlocking in position / Interlocking.
  • Power draw out contacts of rating 125A, 400A &630A
  • Spring Loaded Safety shutter arrangement

Containerized Switchgear

Our Containerized Switchgear is a turn key solution that comes as a complete factory assembled solution which combines High Voltage Switchgear, Power Transformers and Low Voltage Distribution switchboard

The assembly work is undertaken in parallel with site preparation, saving time and protecting the sensitive electrical equipment from the rigors of the construction site.

Containerized Switchgear can have:

  • Incorporating MV and LV systems.
  • Segregated rooms
  • Multiple sections for ease of transport.
  • ​UPS can be incorporated with separate battery doors.
  • Air conditioning or natural ventilation.
  • Enclosures in sheet steel or alucubond
  • Steel bases or open base.
  • Cable access systems incorporated to ensure ingress protection.
  • Cable containment systems fitted internally prior to dispatch cutting out site install times.
  • Generators and UPS included by third party suppliers.
  • Equipped with all electrical services, including lighting, power, intruder and fire alarms.
  • Internal fire suppression systems.