Save Money With Solar

Solar energy has many benefits and opportunities which have proven to be self-reliant and cost effective over the past few decades. It is no surprise that homes and offices have begun to adopt the installation of solar panels as a means to offset costly electricity charges. Ever wondered why other businesses operate fully on solar 24/7? Here is what they may not be telling you;

Need for Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management System (BMS) has become an integral part of most building projects because it provides a platform where the distinct services of a building can all be managed centrally to ensure they run securely and efficiently.

Infinity Club Diaries - Getting Started

At the Automation Ghana Group (TAGG), giving back to the community we operate in has become a way of life. We are particularly passionate about children because we believe that they are the future of the nation and the world at large. It is this passion that compelled the group to set up the Future Leaders’ Educational Fund in 2015, to cater for the basic educational needs of brilliant but needy students residing and schooling within our community. (More details on the Future Leaders’ Educational Fund here:

Process Meters for Food & Beverage Industry - Getting it Right

The Food and beverage industry is not the same as it was over 100 decades ago. It is constantly changing and developing to satisfy consumer needs. Among the many changes is the automation of processes in the industry. The entire journey of procuring raw materials, manufacturing foods and packaging them for sale is gradually being automated with the emergence of products such as process meters and automatic valves which make it possible. This is especially the case for factories with big plants.