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A power distribution panel (or distribution board) is used to connect electric power supply to a facility and distribute the electrical current into circuits in order to control and distribute appropriate amounts of power to each of your loads and equipment.


Technical Data

Types: Main Distribution Panel, Sub-Distribution Panel & Consumer Unit

Ratings: Ranges from 16A to 6300A

Applications: Industrial, Commercial & Domestic Applications

Key Components: MCB, MCCB, ACB, RCBO, RCD & Switch Disconnectors

Brand: Schneider & Terasaki, Eaton, Moeller Electric, CHINT.

Enclosure Type: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel or Polycarbonate with IP44 to IP66 ratings.

Mounting Mode: Wall Mounted or Floor Standing

Additional functions:

  •  Protection from overload, short-circuit, ground faults, earth leakage faults
  •  Remote operations

Breaking Capacity: 6kA to 100kA


Consumer Units | Sub distribution boards | Main Low Voltage Distribution Boards


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