Water, Wastewater & Sewage

In the water and sewage industry, the installations are often widespread and distributed in the remotest and distant part of town. This make picking information difficult and sometime impossible, gathering site information and data demands a huge network of staff prone to hefty overheads and errors. For a water and sewage system to run effectively, the managers will need real time accurate data on level. flow rate, flow switch status, pressure, temperature, valve status, pond and chemical level, fluid parameters, etc. The distances involve makes the use of cable expensive and unrealistic. Automation Ghana provides the most cost effective and comprehensive wireless solutions that combines secure and robust wireless communications devices.

Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant

We provide intelligent solutions for the Water Wastewater and sewage industries that links data from different sources, such as sensors, water meters or weather data that creates new opportunities for more efficient use of water in industry, agriculture and in municipal utilities, thus supporting sustainability. A precondition is the end-to-end networking of system engineering from commissioning through operation, maintenance, and ongoing process optimization based on a data platform. We are there to help along the way, with solutions for integrated engineering and integrated operations throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant.


  • System Controls and Automation (PLC & HMI jobs)
  • Electrical Panel Building
  • Monitoring
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical installations
  • Training