Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Policy

The Automation Ghana Group (TAGG) is committed to; demonstrating high standards of environmental protection; sharing of best practices; and providing a safe and healthy workplace. We strive to make our facilities and worksites safe and healthy places to work in, in compliance to legal requirements. We do this by strictly enforcing safe and healthy work practices throughout our operations.

We are committed to a process of continuous improvement and the adoption of international industry standards such as ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 in this pursuit.

The broad objective of management is to create and maintain a working environment with minimal risk levels, by ensuring systems are developed and implemented in the workplace to;

  1. Identify and eliminate potential hazards;
  2. Prevent work related injuries and illnesses; and
  3. Reduce the negative impact of our activities on the environment.

To achieve these objectives, top management commits to:

  1. Demonstrating high levels of visible top management involvement in OHS&E management.
  2. The protection of the environment by applying industry best practices to ensure our activities do not negatively impact the environment.
  3. Continuously identify potential hazards, assess and mitigate them to ensure that the risks are minimized.
  4. Ensure compliance to all applicable legal requirements.
  5. Consult workers and other stakeholders on issues that affect their safety, health and the environment.
  6. Continuously monitor and evaluate the impact of our activities and compare them against best practices
  7. Continuously use the outcomes of monitoring and evaluation to improve our systems of operation.

This policy will be reviewed annually and enhanced as required to ensure continuous suitability to the services we provide.